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The Beautiful Pearl of the Andaman Sea

Patong Beach is  a widely curve sandy beach, emerald clean sea water and tender white sandy beach. It is suitable for all types of water sports; moreover, it is the heart of the tourist beaches (See Map) which is called that the tourists for those who come Phuket, nobody knows Patong. Furthermore, Patong Beach is a variety entertainment of all types of tourist services. It is a beach that is the most convenient facilities such as accommodations, tour operators, shopping centers and many more entertainments in Phuket. Patong Beach is away from Phuket town about 15 kilometers along the highway # 4020 or Wichit Songkhram Road, approximately 9 kilometers. turn the traffic light to left into highway #4029 (the sign board will say to Patong) TOP^

Patong Beach
                               Patong Beach


Welcome you to the hidden beaches that is not far away from Patong Beach. Hardly visitors from around the world or Phuket people have known or be familiar with it. It is very calm, serene and so clean. There are 3 beaches namely Tri Trang Beach, Paradise Beach and Freedom Beach that you, travellers who come to Phuket and stay on Patong Beach or prefer to touch them, should not be the last to know.

Tri Trang Beach

Tri Trang Beach is a secluded beach from Patong Beach. It is more peaceful and quieter beach than the most famous and popular Patong Beach. Her beach is still remaining plentiful natures. Travelers are possibly some questions in their minds, why that beach is uncrowded and unknown beach, which is not far from Patong Beach. The very easiest and simplest answer from webmaster is visitors should explore or experience it by oneselves. Her sand is very white and tender as if baby powder. Unless travelers visit here to get breathe fresh pure air and praise the beautiful sea, can have a swim in the deep blue sea. Importantly, visitors come the beach will praise the beautiful panoramic scene of Patong Bay perfectly as same as Phra Tam Nak Hill in Pattaya City to see Pattaya City Bay. Tri Trang Beach is not away from Patong Beach that spending a driving time or riding motorbike approximately 15 minutes. Go ahead to the end of Thaweewongse Road and then cross the Thaweewongse Bridge (see map). After that try to turn left and go along with Muen-Ngoen Road just 3 kilometers (the route going to Merlin Beach Resort). The different and swarming surrounding as Patong Beach is faded away from your eyes. Come to touch and experience it that the lost beach is still remaining in Patong Hub. TOP^

Click the picture to enlarge

Paradise Beach

Paradise Beach is distant away from Tri Trang Beach about 5 minutes (see map). Her atmosphere is more peaceful and serene than Tri Trang Beach. It is still remaining abundantly tropical rain forest. Her sand is so soft and powdery white, sea color is so blue and very glassy. There is the rounded-rocks are lining beside the beach end. Travelers on this beach are almost foreigners, especially family. Traveling to Paradise Beach is pretty troubled because the beach is located in the tropical rain forests and the cemented road quite narrow and crooked. Visitors should not do travel in nighttime. A 4-wheeled drive and motorcycle are suitable for travelling to Paradise Beach, spending driving-time to the beach around 3-4 minutes frome Tri Trang Beach. Actually, hiring a long tailed-boat anchored in front of Patong Beach is the most comfortable for visitors. TOP^

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Courtesy of Ms.Jirada Suanpon

Freedom Beach

Freedom Beach is located next to Paradise Beach (see map). It is the most tranquil and noiseless in Patong area. No one knows that the beach is in Patong, though a little Phuketian is known. Her surrounding is plentiful of natures and her sea water is so beautiful no less than other beaches on Phuket. The sea is very glassy which visitors can see the bottom of it and also many colorful fish. Travelers can feed many fish with bread on hand as same as other famous Islands, some visitors who ever come the Freedom Beach last summer had said that its sea water was beautiful same as to Similan Island. Although, travelling to the beach is harder than Paradise Beach or Tri Trang Beach, renting a long tailed-boat is very easiest way to touch this beach. Importantly, visitors will help some local long tailed-boat drivers to live well. It is worth to pay the fare of services because visitors will touch the real meaning of FREEDOM. TOP^

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Courtesy of

Karon Beach is away from Phuket town just 20 kilometers along the Chaofa road till reaching Chalong Bay Intersection(Har Yaek Ao Chalong), turning the traffic light to right into Patak road. From Chalong Intersection approximately 6 km reaching the Kata section, turning left to Kata Beach since Karon Beach is next to northward. Karon Beach is a 3-kilometer long tender white sandy beach stretching till the last row to the long beach. One of the beaches that offers high class accommodation facilities, tour companies souvenir shops for serving tourists to visit. TOP^

Karon Beach
                               Karon Beach


Kata Beach is away from Phuket town about 17 kilometers along Chaofa road until reaching Chalong Bay Intersection(Har Yaek Ao Chalong), turning right traffic into Patak Beach (similar to Karon Beach). Kata Beach is divided into two beaches, i.e. Kata Yai(Big) Beach and Kata Noi(Small) Beach. The beach is ideal for water playing and used as practice scuba-diving due to continue coral reef ranges stretching onto Poo(Crab) Island, situated in front of the beach. Kata Beach is currently one of the full furnished facility accommodations such as shopping centers, tour agencies and various entertainment venues. It is await to serve for tourists as Karon beach alike.TOP^
                 Kron, Kata Noi & Yai View



Kata Noi (Small) Beach is located on southward of Kata Yai Beach. It is smaller beach than Kata beach. Rock and coral formations along the South beach dedicated to habitat for several color fish. Kata Beach offers resort, hotel and a few shops waiting to service tourists. TOP^
                                Kata Noi

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