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KRABI: Blue Sky & Crystal Clear Sea

How to get around KRABI

ROAD SERVICES: Song Taew, Local Transport

Open-aired buses, converted trucks and motorcycle taxis provide a cheap and efficient public transport service throughout this city. Fares vary according to the destination- whether you’re running around town, or traveling from Krabi Town to on of the beach resorts. Services are efficient and regular with buses stopping wherever you wish to get on or off

Krabi has a good road network, especially round the national parks and local attractions, so renting a car and driving yourself is easy. Car-Rent is available at most hotel desks or travel agents. Better still; hire a Song Taew to drive you all day long.

RIVER SERVICES: Local Long Tailed-Boats 

Krabi Town (Chao Fah Pier): as well as the provincial capital is also the main pier for local boat services. Long tailed-boats operate regular services to the small islands across the Krabi River and along the coast to Railay and Phra Nang Beaches. Larger ferries launch to Phi Phi Islands, Jum Island and Lanta Islands being further away

Long Tailed-Boat Service around Krabi SeaNote: Some services stop during the monsoon season (May-October) and are substituted by a combined bus and long tailed-boat system which operates from small piers along the coast.

            If you do not want to use this service, a private transfer is the only choice for certain islands like Lanta Islands which twice car ferries being connecting the islands to the mainland service from 7.00 a.m. till 7.00 p.m. Transfer times about 2 hours from Krabi town.


Ao Nang or Railay Beaches: served by local long-tailed boats association. Fast, reliable and economy, these boats depart from Ao Nang Beach (just go to the seafront) to Railay, Phra Nang and Krabi town.

                 Long Tailed-Boats Service, Ao nang Seafront Krabi
            Fares average not over a hundred Baht depending on your destination and the time (day or night)-the fare is higher, the moon is brighter. The boats spin paddle regular between Ao Nang and Railay (They leave when passengers are full or worth ones work) and services visitors all year round (subject to weather conditions)

            Note: Prices of local long tailed-boats are fixed so do not try to show your bargaining power unless you hire a whole boat.


Ao Nang Road Service: There is the fastest service on the road in front of Ao nang beach that is three wheeled-Motorbike service. This service is offering your destination around Ao nang and Nopparat Thara Beaches. A fare is calculating according to a distance, the more you fun, the higher you pay!!    
                           The fastest service, Tri Wheeled-Motorbike Service



Pi Huato CaveSea Canoeing: Enjoy the breath-taking and uncanny peach of a voyage among the mangroves, caves and limestone’s massifs of Ao Tahlen and Hong Island in Krabi, and Tham Pi Hua To (Big headed ghost cave) in Ao Luk district.


Rock Climbing Rock Climbing: Krabi’s strange and beautiful limestone cliffs have become popular rock and mountain climbing attraction for adventuresome challengers. The uninitiated needn't’t be afraid, local experts are very pleased to help and teach you climbing every level expertise.

Courtesy of Phuket ZooBird Watching: Especially great from January till April in the mangrove forests surround Kanab Nam Mount near Krabi town. Many rare birds are seen here- Gurneys; Fin foots, Big-winged Brown Kingfishers, Egrets, Bitterns, Herons and much, much more. Another excellent bird-watching sight is Khao Nor Chuchi Forest Preserve, commonly known as Tung Tiao, in Khlong Tom district, a lowland forest populate by the nearly extinct and only recently re-discovered black-breasted Pitta Gurney.

Forest TrekkingForest Trekking: You will never forget this trip located at Khao Nor Chuchi, which is crisps-crossed by easy trails; other interesting matters are found in Khao Panom Benja National Park.


Sea DivingSea Diving: Krabi’s sea waters are great for snorkeling and scuba-diving. Popular sites include- Koh Poda, Koh Hong, Koh Yung, Koh Phi Phi Le, Hin Muang and Hin Daeng Reefs, Koh Rok and Koh Ngai. Many tour companies cater a dive package every level and agreement. Most are located on Ao Nang Beach, Krabi town, Phi Phi Island and Koh Lanta.

Night Entertainment: Blue Dragon Cabaret Show
Blue Dragon Cabaret Show

SPA and Traditional Thai Massage:
Boossabakorn Spa & Beauty

This sensual and physical pleasure that uplifts the very spirit of one's body and soul. We invite every guests to experience the passage to the heaven from the every moment they first step into this unique Spa. With our special Thai touch and blend of pure cool, calming and intoxicating ambience, we have created area of different mood and traditional carvings that complement our elegant furnishing and décor. Think of Spa or Thai massage, think of Boossabakorn Spa & Beauty. It is located onward the way to Gastropod Fossil (Susan Hoi).


Lanta Klongnin Beach Resort
Pavilion Place Hotel, Patpong

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